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Blue Dolphin handmade soap is made from pure earth grown plant derived oils, botanicals and aromatic essential or fragrance oils. Our natural formula has proven over the years to be equally kind to various skin types. It's the lack of chemicals in our soaps that makes them healthy and so very skin friendly. Thats our secret to staying in business, we nourish you skin to thrive. We always get asked how long our soap lasts and of course it depends on how often you use it. Generally our handcrafted soaps will last one person about 2-5 weeks depending on use and storage away from flowing water.

So how do we make our soaps? It isn't rocket science, but most people just don't have the patience to learn the techniques, nor do they want to make the investment in the failures that always occur getting the process down pat for each individual recipe. It's fun for me though and after twenty years of practice I've already made my mistakes, so now it's more my passion than my business. It's a process that can't be rushed or costly mistakes get made that could be harmful to your skin. This is where having two decades of experience making soap can ease your concerns.

You might not realize that cold processed soaps end up with two by-products, soap and glycerin. Soap is a deep cleansing agent an alkaline product that bonds to dirt and other foreign materials found on the skin. Pure soap itself however, has a tendency to strip the skin of its protective oils giving you that squeaky clean feeling. This is where the the second by product glycerin helps by moisturizing the skin giving it glide and protects it from drying out. This formula is far more complicated than the "see through soap" but much kinder to the skin. It is our firm belief that olive and coconut oil are far better choices than store-bought commercial soaps made SLS, rendered animal fat and chemicals. We have quite a few products and I invite you to surf through our list of products to see which ones may benefit you.

One last mention is our NATEUCA eucalyptus spray for painful joints, nerves and muscles. It is probably one of the most searched for eucalyptus sprays on the internet, because of it's proven results and credibility. If you suffer from joint, muscle or nerve inflammatory pain try NATEUCA today for natural pain relief.

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