Check out the article published in the February 2016 Vero Beach Magazine about us and other handmade soapers in the Vero Beach area. Written by: Darla Parris Smallwood.

After leaving a position as a service center manager with a nation-wide hospital bed company, I teamed up with a friend in No CA. and started making handmade soaps. Soon we began filling our homes with tons of handcrafted soaps so our husbands told us to sell the stuff or stop making them. Enough said so we bought an EZ UP, table and chairs and started selling them at farmers markets and craft fairs all over No.California.  Several years later after moving to Florida to help my Mother who was aging, I opened my own business calling it Blue Dolphin Soap Co.LLC and the rest is history.

Although natural soap is my flagship product, I diversified learning how to prepare other herbal skincare products that help nourish the skin to thrive. I jumped head first into learning how eliminate chemicals and then replace them using natural ingredients. As I understood more about the dangers of those chemicals it became clear to me that natural was the only way to go. I discovered that nature gives us healing ingredients found in tree leaves, bark, seeds, flowers and plants. Using vegan and herbal ingredients I developed my own natural products for wholesome, beautiful, youthful looking skin.

Did you know that most commercial soap is made from beef tallow (animal fat)?  I use vegan plant derived oils in my recipes. When mixed together with lye we end up with two by-products, soap and glycerin. Soap is an alkaline product that bonds to dirt and other foreign materials found on the skin which is the deep cleansing agent. Soap has a tendency to strip the skin of its protective oils. This is where the glycerin helps to moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out.  Most store bought soaps have been triple or French milled which extracts the glycerin, leaving a hard long lasting bar that de-moisturizes your skin. Cheaper store bought soap contains sodium lauryl sulfate ( basically an ingredient used to strip garage floors of grease). SLS also strips your skin of its protective oil layer leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling. Another potentially harmful chemical found in mass produced soap is Propylene Glycol an ingredient found in radiator fluid used to give soap glide. I believe that olive and coconut oil is a far better choice than chemicals, especially because they are edible. 

If you know someone being treated for cancer, receiving radiation or chemo-therapy I encourage you to tell them about our chemical free vegan cold processed soaps because their skin tends to dry out very quickly from their treatments. My natural soap rejuvenates the skin leaving a healthy moisture barrier to protect their treatment battled skin. Cancer patients don't need any more pollutants on or in them when they are already battling toxins and chemo to live. This is a fight I am very familiar with so I feel it is necessary to pass on this information.

Our soap will last one person about 3-5 weeks. They are hand poured and hand cut and we pH test our soaps and maintain a quality safety log to assure you a very safe product. We are not required to, we just do it for safety and consistency. Soap making isn't not rocket science but most people just don't have the patience to learn the cold process soap making technique nor do they want to make the investment in the failures that always occur to get the process down pat for each individual recipe. It's fun for me and so it's become my passion and now a business. I make several soap selections and other products so please visit our ESTORE and shop till you drop or just learn more about our natural plant derived products. I hope you will come back frequently to visit and please feel free to comment on your findings. Please tell your friends about us because word of mouth is our greatest form of advertising. Be well my friends. MA Hilton, Owner

Handmade Natural Soap Nateuca Eucalyptus Spray Freedom Spray Essential Oils

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