K9 Insect Repellent Bar Shampoo for Dogs


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K9 Insect Repellent Bar Shampoo for Dogs

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K-9 Shampoo Bar stops insects and hotspot biting. K-9 is a natural repellent product made for those who are concerned about using chemicals, detergents and preservatives on their dogs coat and skin.

Let's face it dogs love getting into things especially stuff we really don't want them in ( you know what I'm talking about ). When you bath them with K~9 bar shampoo you are not only cleansing their coats and skin but you are also taking care of any residing fleas, mites, ticks and that awful wet smelly dog scent they may be carrying around with them. K-9 can help get rid of relentless hot spot biting because it cleans and rids them of pests that cause it and it helps heal existing hotspots and stings.

One bar lasts multiple uses especially if you cut it in half and use half the bar and shelve the other half till you need it again. K~9 is Powerful natural protection.

Ingredients: Saponified olive, coconut, palm oils with distilled water and sodium hydroxide-lye. We add shea butter to super fat the product. Essential oil blend of citronella, tea tree and eucalyptus, pennyroyal, (should avoid if pregnant ), grapefruit seed extract.

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