Blue Dolphin Product Testimonials


Blue Dolphin Product Testimonials

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I've told you before but I feel the need to tell you again, the soap you make is magic. Never has my skin been this clear and healthy looking, and I'm in my 60's. The Restorz soap has completely cleared up my rosacea and I use the All in1 soap when I'm in the shower. I have had almost no trouble with dry skin this winter and that is amazing. So happy I discovered you! Mary G San Carlos, CA

Recently I fell from a ladder going up into my garage my spine and hips were hurting so bad that I finally had an MRI done. I have used NATEUCA before for my bum knee and it's always helped me. I finally remembered I had it in the med cabinet and began spraying my backside and hips several times a day. What a relief it has been. Thanks so much for making a great product that actually helped me through this very painful ordeal helping to reduce the inflammation was what really did the trick. Happy Holidays. Ellie, Vero Bch, FL

Thanks for a great product( NATEUCA). It really does work. I bought it for inflammation, arthritis, etc, but at 2:00 this morning I got up with terrible headache and put some on my temples and inhaled from a tissue and my headache went away.The Natecua took away my headache and saved me from having to take my Imetrex injection to get rid of the headache.  I am so happy with it. Shirley

I recently heard of your All In One Bar Soap that could be used on the body, shaving and hair. Wow I was surprised how nice ths soap was and how clean I felt from top to bottom. I sure love this new bath bar and appreciate all your new selections can't wait to try them all. Thanks so much. Brenda W, Merritt Island, Fl

I bought your products in the US and used your Freedom Spray in Brazil recently and I was bite free. They are really having problems with the Zika virus from mosquito bites. I am going soon to the Middle east and will take your spray along for bite protection. Thanks so much for a great natural product that works I will pass along your name and testimonials too friends and family.

I just tried your BD Honey Oatmeal Soap and it is absolutely amazing. My problematic skin has never responded as well to even prescribed products. I love the RESTORZ soap but I think I'll rotate them because this soap is just as good for me and I love that I'm using all natural honey and oatmeal on my skin which is antibacterial and soothing. WOW! you guys make the best products. Thanks Georgia, Melbourne, Fl

I bought your soaps at an Wave's auto spa in Vero Beach my home town not long ago, I use to buy my soaps at another very popular national food store in town that specializes in natural foods and products. I was waiting for my car to be finished and smelled your soaps on the rack and was drawn to them. I don't mind saying that your lemongrass, mango and orange soaps are my absolute favorites. I bought all you had left on the shelf and sent them to my relatives up north. The lather is fantastic and the fragrance of the citrus is just excellent. I'm addictied to your soap and will continue buying it even when I go up north for the summer which is coming soon. Glad you post your website on the labels, Thanks, Jen

I bought some of the NATEUCA spray while I was in Sebastian over Christmas and LOVED it!  Gave some to my 95 year old father in law and he loves it too.  Calls it his miracle spray for his arthritis. Thanks for the great product I just ordered another bottle for each of us! Mary

I love your products and buy them through HALES GROVE market, we love that store. The FREEDOOM spray you make for no see-ems and mosquito's is better than you say. We use it at the beach and no sand flea bites or any bites at all. Good stuff! Jerry R, MA

My name is Brooke and I have been using Restorz for a few years now. I met you at a craft fair in Cocoa Village, and Restorz cleared up an allergic rash I had on my face. I returned to your booth the next day to show you the results. Since then, I have been able to eat foods that used to make me break out with acne, wear my favorite cosmetics without getting acne, and never doubted for a moment that my skin would be perfect on my wedding day. I refer everyone I know who has any sort of skin ailment to your website. They have all come back raving! I would say, about 15-20 people. And they are telling their friends, too!! I recently went on a cruise and met a girl who had the most severe acne I have ever seen. Her breakouts looked more like herpes blisters than acne pimples. I broke off a piece of my own bar and gave it to her. The next morning you could already see a difference, and by the next day all she had left were some raw spots that needed to heal. But no breakouts. I think you guys would benefit tremendously from more publicity and hope to see you advertising more in the future!! I will continue to spread the word!  Brooke, Melbourne , Fl

Your NATEUCA eucalyptus spray is terrific! I have a bad knee that feels like bone on bone most times from tennis I imagine. I have been using your spray now for a couple weeks and the pain is gone and so is the swelling. I am amazed that something I bought online can work so well. I have not needed my pain meds or steroids. I'm sold forever. Thank you. Rick S, Phoenix, AZ

Freedom Insect Spray is by far the best natural repellent I have ever used and that is no lie. At a beach party not too long everyone else was being eaten by sand fleas and no see-ums not me and my kids. No lie, we were comfortable all day long and spent time in the water and still it waorked for us. Wow I was so surprised. Thanks. Macy L, Ocala, Fl

I purchased your NATEUCA eucalyptus spray for myself not long ago for my arthritis and discovered that it works well on my dogs arthritic joint pain also. I was very sceptical and didn't really think it would work on me but it does and because it is so effective I rub it on my dachshunds sore joints and he hates the smell, but it's amazing to watch the transformation as he begins loosing up, it works on me and my dog. Bill M, Daytona Bch, FL

I found your healing salve to be very soothing and it worked so well on my dry cracked heels that I am ordering another jar right away because my husband is using mine up. I have used several products but yours is so natural and healing that I really love knowing that I am avoiding chemicals. We tried the Burt's Bees brand and like yours better. Thanks so much for your honest to goodness salve and keep up the good work. Beth R. Redondo Bch, CA

Tamanu and Tea Tree oil has made a significant change in the way my skin looks and feels. I don't really understand how it works but it has made me more secure in public. Thank you so much. I recommend it highly to anyone with skin issues like mine ( psoriasis and eczema). M. Rogers, Melbourne, FL

Hello,  just a quick note to say how muh I love your product for Fibromyagia and sinus. A friend of mine loaned me her NATEUCA spray to help with my fibromyalgia discomfort and pain. I found it did that quickly and it also reduced my sinus congestion as well as my stress to. Usually I spray it on my neck and back to diminish my pain but I have found using barely a teaspoon in my full tub of water helps for overall bodily relief is also beneficial. Thank you for a very good natural product that doesn't burn my skin or cause a rash as did all the other eucalyptus prodts I have used in the past.  Rusty, Orangevale, CA

RESTORZ handmade soap has worked for me. I live in an area where natural products are the most desirable choices. I found a product while visiting the US called RESTORZ handmade soap made with lavender, tea tree oil and peppermint at a craft fair from a business named Blue Dolphin Soap Co. I really have a problem with eczema and found this natural soap to be clearly an appropriate solution to my skin plaque and irritation. Without going too far into explanation let me just say that within three weeks of use I can only see a red mark where once I had large scaly plaque on my arms and legs. I don't have to tell you how wonderful that makes me feel as I am always attempting to cover up my psoriasis and eczema. It's your choice but because this really has made a difference in my life and I use soap anyway I can't find a reasonable doubt as to why I should not continue using it or recommend it to others who could truly benefit from it. Just my opinion. Russ, Melbourne, Austrialia

I bought some of your NATEUCA eucalyptus spray at the villages last year and use it for my knee and carpal tunnel. I am a disabled Vet and don't make a lot of money. I bought the stuff at the show it came with a show discount can you still honor the discount. It's the only stuff that really works on my knee and I am almost done with this bottle hope to hear from you soon. William C, The Villages, FL.

I read about your product on the Gout on line forum, its the Nateuca spray. You have several testimonials from other gout sufferers on that site and that is what made me look int your product. The gout is nothing to sneeze at, it hurts horrible and it stays with you. I have tried so many other remedies none really work so I was skeptical as I am sure everyone is, but the testimonials gave it credibility in my mind. I am writing to thank you for such a quality product a 2 oz bottle lasted me about 5 months using it frequently. I also take a cap full and put it in a warm foot bath man that drives it home fast. I want to order another bottle but do you have a larger one? I don't like using the internet to buy so I'll buy two this time if you don't have a bigger bottle. Thanks again. J. Martin Stuart, FL

I had ant bites all over me because I have an organic hatchery and can't use anything that has a chemical in it. The ants soon found their way in my house and I have a problem on my hands. I used your Bug Away spray for bugs with no chemicals and they are nowhere in sight.  I sprayed in along the base boards and door thresholds, windows etc. Thanks for the relief you must sell a lot of this stuff. So just wanted to give you a good report. Marci V, Tampa, Fl

Your FREEDOM INSECT REPELLENT SOAP saved my Caribbean adventure. We stayed in a place that was so so, there were seven of us in our group. The very first morning after a nights sleep several of the group complained of itching and sores on their skin. I didn't have any but my room mate did. Found out the cause was BED BUGS. After discussing why I was sparred it came down to your soap. Once I shared my secret everyone wanted to use it. I cut it up in small pieces and not only did it stop the bitings but it began to heal the sores on them. I am completely sold on your soap and thank you so much for saving our trip. R.M. Sebastian,Fl

As a retired Dentist I am excited and grateful for the products that the Blue Dolphin Soap Co. has provided for our health and wellness. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin caused by many commercial products. Blue Dolphin handmade soaps and lotions with essential oils and natural ingredients have provided moisturizing, dramatic differences to my skin, especially during this harsh winter!  I am most impressed with their recent product, Nateuca. I have suffered for over a decade from osteoarthritis of my spine, and have tried every cream and patch on the market during this period. This spray provides wonderful relief with easy application and aesthetic sensation and aroma! This product is a must have for chronic joint pain and arthritis!  I offer this information to people I encounter as a volunteer with the Arthritis foundation. Sincerely, Kathy H. Rehoboth, DE. 

I use your FREEDOOM SPRAY almost every few days as I travel a lot in my job and I have pulled back the sheets up in some places to find BED BUGS. Of course I never stay there again and I also get moved immediately. I just don't take chances because they live in the baseboards and carpet around the bed. I use your spray in the room around the bed and baseboards.I know you don't show it as a use on your label but you should, it really works for me.

Mary Ann, thank you so much for your product Amazing Healing Salve and Restorz soap my son was diagnosed with Psoriasis recently and your product helped his skin a great deal, he carries your Amazing Healing Salve where ever he goes, because it helps his dry skin, your product is awesome. I really like the soap sacks you offer for exfoliation. My sons skin is glowing again. Thank you very much, Lodi, CA
Your Sleepy Time balm is really very good stuff. I bought it from you at a craft show in Ft Lauderdale last month. I use it everyday for stress calming. I use it at work and before bed. I'm going through some tough time personally it it does help me. I'm reordering and do you make a bigger tin than 2 oz. I really like and use the Lavender essential oil you offer to I use it on a dry washcloth and throw it in the laundry to give my sheets a great feel and fragrance. Thanks, Mareen K, Pompano, Fl
I purchased a small bottle of your Tamanu oil for my sister who has unsightly stretch marks from pregnancy because I heard about it on Dr OZ and was learn that it could help reduce scarring and stretch marks. She was happy to try something new and she tells me that it has helped her appearance of them in a fairly short time. I want to buy a bottle for myself now that she has cleared the way. I plan to use it on my face to help with my over the years sun burnt skin.Thanks for the great product and hope to see you at the craft show next month to show you my results. Ruth P, WPB, FL

I used the Freedom Repellent Soap on my dog, who had a terrible odor that would not go away. Before I bathed her with a different pet shampoo weekly, but by the end of the week she smelled horrible again. I tried your product and it worked great and has continued to keep her free of bugs and smells. Thank you for your great product. Arleen T El Cajon, CA
I have tendinitis problems and neuropathy from diabetes and have for years, my Dr is basically fed up with me and seems disinterested in trying anymore meds or therapy. He said I should try something over the counter and I took his advice. I found you guys at the arts and craft fair in Mt Dora, I told you my story and tried your eucalyptus spray product while there were several other people gathered around. I figured it would make you guys feel pretty silly if it didn't help so I let you spray me thinking it was going to numb me. In a bout 30 seconds I could actually feel the tingling disappear I was truly amazed. It didn't numb my pain it made it vanish. I bought your 4 oz bottle of NATEUCA and have used it over and over again with the same results. Thank you so much for making this product available to people like me. I will be a lifetime customer. Marsha A, Mt Dora, Fl

I had red, itchy eczema on my legs for several years and have explored many avenues of healing including dermatologists, naturopaths, diet, supplements, and cleansing – none of which made much difference. Then I tried Restorz soap  and Restorz Shea Cream. After one week of use the redness and dryness disappeared. Restorz is so silky and smooth that I I love it, and it's so sudsy that I can use it to shave my legs. And now I feel comfortable enough to wear shorts! What a wonderful product. Thank you so much for making it!   PS from NH
HEALING SALVE  Dear Bill & Mary Ann, let me tell you my husband has tried all kinds of products and doctor treatments on his toes and feet and NOTHING has worked. Your Amazing Healing Salve has helped him after only a couple of days of use, its unbelievable, plus he used it on two wounds on his leg that haven't healed in years, and they are healing like no one would believe.  Donna T. Ocean Ridge, FL

11/21/2010 9:27:00 PM
I have OA, my hands and knees are the most problematic. I have been injected with cortisone ad it helps but the long term side effects scare me silly. I went to a natural health fair and found a product by chance called Nateuca eucalyptus spray. I overheard someone telling the vendor how great their hands felt after spraying the stuff on themselves. I was skeptical but interested. The fellow said he helps people and is amazed at how well it works as he watches them walk away feeling so much better after using the spray. I’m no dr but I will say this after using the product I have quit using most of my pain meds. I found that they were dulling the pain and my life as well. With NATEUCA spray that is history. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t want to take medications the rest of my life and for months I have been free from continuous joint pain. Just thought I would share. Rob Tsao

I ran into you guys accidentally at a craft fair I was at a local  craft fair when I ran across a handmade soap booth. What drew my attention was a sign that said STOP PAIN NATURALLY. I have carpal tunnel in my wrists from mouse and keyboard repetitive motion. I have been on medications and such for quite a long time and can't afford the surgery. I listened to your pitch and tried the NATEUCA while I was standing at the booth. It didn't do anything for several minutes then suddenly, I really just didn't notice the problem an longer. Nothing worked like this before. My husband bought a bottle for me on the spot and I feel so much better using something natural. Thank you for a great new product. R. Cross, Cocoa Beach

I overheard you talking about a new pain freedom product you carry called NATEUCA. My hands are in terrible pain most everyday especially my middle and ring fingers. I'm to young for arthritis but I hate to admit that it's more than likely what it is. I play the piano and lately I've been avoiding practice because my hands hurt so very much. I tried your product on one hand only to be sure it wasn't some trick or something. While I was talking to you the sprayed hand felt completely normal again. I said go ahead and spray the other hand to be sure it wasn't a just coincidence. I walked away and said I'd be back if it helped ( it already had, but I didn't bring my wallet ) with me. I went home and came back and bought two bottles that afternoon I'll never forget your email or website. I love this product and I mean that from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my fingers. Ever since I purchased it I have begun to practice again on the piano and my playing ability has really improved with the reduced inflammation. Thank you so much. R. P. Jupiter, FL
I was at a craft show in Fort Lauderdale this summer and you were there.  I bought the K9 dog soap for my dog and just love it. She is a Yorkie and she gets stinky but this soap makes her smell fresh and for much longer. Thanks, Becky

Thank you for shipping my order so promptly. My sisters and I live in Melbourne and Donna ( a friend of ours )had bought your soaps somewhere up here before. Her birthday is this week and your soap was one of her requests. I went to your website to try and find where you sold in this area and was thrilled to see that you took Pay Pal. Click, click and I never had to leave the house. You made my shopping very easy. Thank you for that and for your wonderful product! Dianna C
I bought the FREEDOM Insect Repellent from these people at the MELBOURNE craft fair and the Cocoa Village show. My daughter had been attacked at the beach the day before and she was loaded with swollen sand flea bites. When I put the spray on her the itching settled down and they began to heal. I used the soap on us both and I will never go anywhere in Florida without it again no more bites. I was an all natural disbeliever but I am a changed person when it comes to your products. I recommend them highly. NO CHEMICALS! Becky R has a comment regarding "Blue Dolphin Soap Co LLC"

Hi, I met you folks and bought 3 bars of your soaps on Tuesday. I have tried many home made and scented soaps over the years, but your soap is the best by far. I tried the Patchouli first. I can't believe it, the scent stays with you making your skin fragrant and soft all day long. I love it and know that I will enjoy the others just as much. What a great product. Linda F Palm Bay, Fl

I have been sharing your soap with friends and family.  It is a big success.  My son has gotten some fine relief from his diabetic sores with the Restorz soap and Lotion while nothing else gave him relief. Other friends and family have been very happy to. Thanks, Eve

I recently bought RESTORZ soap at Bay Street Pharmacy and I could not believe how quickly it improved my dry itchy skin. I called today and requested several bars to be reserved so I don't run out. Susan C, Sebastian, Fl

I have eczema / psoriasis and found RESTORZ soap from a craft show. I would purchase them from Blue Dolphin directly, but they suggested that I buy from one of their retailers. I chose Bay Street because they were closest to me in Palm Bay. They were very helpful and had 20 Bars brought in for me the same day. This seems to be a good relationship for all of us.Thanks for the great all natural skin care soap.
My Dr. had tried about every imaginable costly prescription with minimal success including UV light therapy which I was paying $125.00 / session out of pocket. I skeptically bought RESTORZ  soap at a craft fair and in two weeks time my skin was cleared. I just bought ten bars which costs about 1/2 what one prescription used to cost. Angel said she would like to sell this product for us. Angel, Fl
 Blue Dolphin FREEDOM INSECT REPELLENT SOAP is the best insecticide soap I have ever used on myself and my dog for insect control. I  took my girl scout troop camping in June to a  campground out side of Vero Beach FL. We were miserable and inundated with insects until I remembered to try the Bug~OFF soap. I lined up all the girls and had them shower with the soap and not one

I had dry, cracked, scaly skin. At 92 I guess that’s par for the course. My daughter makes soap and gave me a bar of CELEBRATE soap to try. After a week of using her soap my skin was soft and smooth again, no scales. I got rid of my skin conditioners and I use her soap. I’m very proud to say it’s the best soap I ever smelled or used. Izzy. M, Sebastian, FL.

I bought RESTORZ soap at a fair for myself, I have roseaca and eczema, I took it home and the bar was mysteriously shrinking. My skin was getting better but I was concerned about running out. My husband announced that he needed another bar of his new soap because it was healing the sores from his diabetic skin. Well I found out where my soap was going. I just found the label from the old bar and purchased 12 more bars so we won't be without the amazing soap. This product really works and now my kids who also have dry sensitive skin problems are buying the soap to. We place a great deal of trust in this product. It works great!  Chris and Joe. Snug Harbor, FL

I really like the RESTORZ soap, it lathers up so quick with just a couple turns in wet hands and it leaves my face soft and smooth. My rosacea is quickly diminishing. Thank you for this fine all natural product. Lori P.  Barefoot Bay, FL

I had red, itchy eczema on my legs for several years and have explored many avenues of healing including dermatologists, naturopaths, diet, supplements, and cleansing – none of which made much difference. Then I tried Restorz soap. After one week of use the redness and dryness disappeared. Restorz is so silky and smooth that I don’t need any other moisturizer, and it is so sudsy that I use it to shave my legs. And now I feel comfortable enough to wear shorts! What a wonderful product. Thank you so much for making it!   PS from NH 

I will be using this soap as long as you keep on selling it. I will tell my friends and family. They also like the same fragrances. It is nice to buy something and be able to appreciate it and feel like you really made a good purchase. Bright blessings, Claudia, Melbourne, Fl
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